About Ksenia Senkevich
I was born in Moscow in 1984 in Moscow These messages I want to stand by are the following- first is my personal reflection of the current integration of political power in social life. By using this language of symbols such as dolls, flags, logos, patterns etc, I can express myself and my own point of view regarding political situation and women’s rights. Been a conceptual thinker that is using medium (paint) and technical skills and style in order to convey a message or story about the way I see the world. A bit more about the subjects and themes I am working with: these collage paintings are dedicated to my personal experience when I was thinking about power of system against peoples feelings, about the amount of damage the system can bring itself. How free soul can survive in the totalitarian society. Been a master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics gave me a deep interest in anatomy and body plastic.

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Photo credits: designmilk, decor8 holly, Haldane Martin, Lauren Manning

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